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The Saga of CP Lounge Cocktails

Strong, Bold, Distinguished


Introducing our Gentlemen Signature Cocktail Collection, an integral part of The Saga of CP Lounge cocktail experience. From the majestic CP Royale to the spirited Rusty Ringo, each concoction tells a tale of taste and refinement. Come  and embark on a journey through flavor, where every sip is a chapter in the saga of unforgettable moments and delightful indulgence. GAJRESS! to crafting new legends with each Gentlemen cocktail

Dive into a realm of elegance and flavor with our Ladies Signature Cocktail Collection, a cherished chapter in The Saga of CP Lounge's mixology tale. From the graceful La Grande to the vibrant Caribbean Joy, each cocktail exudes femininity and finesse. Join us at CP Lounge, where every sip invites sisterhood, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Indulge in the Rosella Sour's sweet embrace or dance with the Southern Kiss's playful charm. GAJRESS!  to the extraordinary experiences that unite us all


Get ready to set sail on a tantalizing journey through our UBUD OASIS Tropical Menu! From the zesty Romero to the fiery Mexican Firing, each sip is a tropical escapade. Feel the rhythm of Ubud vibes with drinks like Summer Of Ubud and Mood Yellow—where every sip is a ticket to paradise. And don't miss out on our FRESH YOUNG COCONUT—sip under the shade of our palm trees or on the pristine Ubud Oasis white sands! Gajress! 

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